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Reed Diffuser Base

Free Yourself Essential Oil Wellness
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Our premium grade Reed Diffuser Base comes in 100ml glass bottle with dripolator lid for easy pouring ability.

Unscented with a long lasting throw all you need to do is add your favourite fragrance or essential oils. Ratio recommendation is 15-25% of your chosen scent.

The base is colourless liquid organic compound with a characteristic sweet odour. It is alcohol free. Non-Dangerous Goods according to the criteria of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADG Code).  It’s soluble in water but readily biodegradable, it will not be persistent. The potential for bioaccumulation is low.  It’s not dangerous for the environment. This product is GMO Free.


  • Care should be taken not to spill the diffuser base on any surface. If spillage occurs wipe away immediately.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Keep away from wood and plastic surfaces
  • Do not swallow/ingest
  • Do not use on skin - irritation may occur
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat and open flame. Store in a cool dark place.