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ECO - Patchouli Pure Essential Oil

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Botanical namePogostemon cablin (patchouli) oil

With a lovely earthy scent, Patchouli Essential Oil is known for its deeply calming and grounding qualities. It acts as a great fixative in a blend and is commonly used in perfume and fragrances. It is also said to be an aphrodisiac relieving nervous tension and soothing the mind.

Size: 10ml

Key benefits:
- May help with eczema, and acne & other skin issues
- Calming and grounding properties
- Great to use in perfume and blends

Diffuser: Add 6-8 drops to your diffuser.

Massage: Use a 2.5% dilution; 50 drops per 100m carrier oil.

Bath: Add 2 to 3 drops, in a dispersant such as oil, to the bath.

Shower: Add 2-3 drops to the corner of the shower.

Blends well with: Bergamot, Black Pepper, Geranium, Lavender, Ginger, Lemongrass, Rose, Ylang ylang

Skin & Hair: May help nourish dry, cracked skin and can help improve acne and eczema.

Wellbeing: Calms anxiety, sharpens the mind and can have a grounding effect on emotions.