Cleansing & Clearing Bundle - Free Yourself Essential Oil Wellness

Cleansing & Clearing Bundle

Free Yourself Essential Oil Wellness
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Cleanse & clear yourself and your home easily with our white sage (smudge) stick, palo santo, the amazing Cleansing & Clearing Essential Oil Spray plus a tumbled clear quartz crystal.

Start by setting an intention. Open all the doors and proceed to smudge the house from the front door to the back door using either the sage or palo santo or you can use both one after the other. Let the smoke flow through your home clearing negative energies and allowing positive energies to fill your space.

Use the Cleansing & Clearing Spray to clear the negative emotions and energies that can enter our aura so they don't become stuck and leave you in a negative state.

This beautiful bundles includes:

1 x Cleansing & Clearing Spray - your choice of 50ml or 100ml

1 x Smudge Stick

1 x Palo Santo Stick

 1 x Tumbled Clear Quartz Crystal