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Essential Oil Room Spray - Calming Mist

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We can all get anxious from time to time and essential oils are know to ease anxious feelings and bring a sense of calm. As with all of our sprays, the essential oils used in this blend have been included for their calming and anxiety relieving effects. 

I spray the calming mist over my person and wear it as a perfume, breathing in these calming essential oils helps my heart rate slow down, my shoulders drop and l am able to take deep breathes and gain a sense of calm. It can also be used to spray around the room when you want the little ones to slow down, unwind and calm down.

The essential oils that go into this anxiety relieving blend are:

Ylang Ylang: Promotes feelings of comfort and joy. It improves your mood and promotes relaxation. Inhaling Ylang Ylang is known to help release negative emotions, reducing stress and acting as a natural anxiety and depression remedy.

Bergamot: It is an effective antidepressant due to its mood enhancing qualities, promoting feelings of joy, freshness and energy, bringing balance to the body.

German Chamomile: Is widely known to promote inner calm, reduces anxiety and calm the nervous system which can regulate mood and stress levels.