About Us

My name is Jodie and l am the owner of our Melbourne based wellness business - Free Yourself Essential Oil Wellness

l am a Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer and Wellness Coach and have created a range of wellness products that are infused with the highest healing energies designed to heal the mind, body and soul.

I believe that nature plays a huge and important role in our wellness and we can only benefit from anything that comes from the earth. Our bodies and emotions grow and heal with thanks to what the earth provides and essential oils and crystals are gifts known to be beneficial to us in so many ways.

I started this wellness business to bring natural healing to those who seek it. All of our products are sourced locally and our hand poured range of products are proudly made in house using top quality, natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils only, so the therapeutic benefits stay intact.

My goal is bring empowerment through self healing so we can live our best life.

I also like to support local and sell some amazing hand made items from local suppliers that go hand in hand with our essential oil range of products.

Support small business and get a superior product made with love 💗 


We try and recycle as much as we can and re-use packaging, including boxes and packing materials from the products we have ordered. We also re-use shredded paper and packaging materials donated from local businesses & residents. If you want to recycle the packaging you have received your products in we welcome them.

We also offer a refill option! Once your Free Yourself Essential Oil product is empty, bring your clean container to our Berwick property, where we can refill your container at a discounted price. 

Our aim is to create long lasting relationships with our clients, we always welcome feedback and happiness is guaranteed 😊