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Free Yourself Essential Oil Wellness

A natural range of essential oil and crystal products made with love and intention

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Healing is the process of restoring ones energy from an unbalanced, diseased, unvitalized state to renewed, well-balanced and calm.

Why are our products so special?

Our Story

Using the essential oils of plants and flowers to improve one's health or mood has been practised since ancient Egyptian times!

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Crystals are used for healing and protection as they emit positive, balancing and calming vibrations that help you achieve a more peaceful mind and a revitalized physical state of being!

Let's see what others have to say.....

OMG can l just say thank you!!!!!      I have been struggling with my sleep a lot these past few weeks but for some reason, with an instant touch of your Lavender Infused Magnesium Oil I'm straight asleep. I never remember how l end up sleeping, something l haven't experienced for months. You've got a regular customer in me!!!


Amazing! I’ve recently started using the sleep spray & magnesium, both have made a massive difference. The sleep spray not only smells amazing but also relaxes both my partner & I into sleep easily, we both usually toss and turn before managing to fall asleep and seem to be falling asleep a lot quicker & staying asleep! The magnesium spray has also helps with cramping in my legs, and being pregnant this has made such a difference. Highly recommend & would buy over & over again 😍


I used the ‘Odor Be Gone‘  spray underneath the couch cushions ( we have big inside dogs so the couches are often a bit whiffy ), now every time I go into the room I can only smell beautiful oils .

I was using an ‘organic air freshener and linen spray ‘ purchased from the supermarket but the ones I used today were so much more effective , longer lasting and just a beautiful mixture of fragrances.


I purchased some Hand Cream recently and it’s incredible!

No greasy residue and the scent is so good!

I’m fussy with hand cream and this is by far the best one I have used.


I bought some Himalayan bath salts from Jodie and they are absolutely amazing, really relaxes the muscles and helps with soreness. I also use her Magnesium oil, I only have 1 word for it "WOW".

Jodie is such a nice person and very professional, she has a customer for life here.


Thank you Free Yourself- Essential Oil Wellness for my order that was packaged well and came faster then I thought!!

Ordered the Energizer and Sleep oil roller blends, definitely cant wait to try them.


I would definitely recommend Free Youself Essential Oil Wellness, Jodie and her blends. My dog smells absolutely amazing thank you so much Jodie I will definitely be ordering more.


Bugg Off is fantastic, great for keeping mozzies away and great for stopping the itching. A couple of time I forgot to put it on when I went out walking and got bitten, so used it when I got back home to put on the bites and it stops the itching straight away.


I’ve been using the ‘calm’ roll on... it’s a beautiful deep, subtle scent. Thank you



We try and recycle as much as we can and re-use packaging, including boxes and packing materials from the products we have ordered. We also re-use shredded paper and packaging materials donated from local businesses & residents. If you want to recycle the packaging you have received your products in we welcome them 😊


We also offer a refill option! Once your Free Yourself Essential Oil product is empty, bring your clean container to our Berwick property, where we can refill your container at a discounted price. 

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